SSCS relies on the parents and families to VOLUNTEER in addition to the tuition paid. The teaching staff, secretary and principal are the only paid employees. This is a way we try to keep tuition rates affordable. There is quite a list and a broad range of needs – something for everyone! There are all sorts of positions, short and long term, in and out of the classroom, during and after school hours, to suit all kinds of talents and any willing volunteer.

Volunteering comes at a cost – sometimes a heavy one for those who spend a lot of time volunteering at SSCS. Everyone needs to realize they are equally responsible for the running of the school, and that tuition alone does not necessarily cover all the costs of educating our children. Under the heading “How you can be involved” you are able to see that there are many ways to be involved in volunteering at the school.

Please consider how you can best serve the school and be willing to put your hand to one of the tasks when asked. In most cases, no special skill or prior experience is needed, just a willing heart and some time. You will work with experienced people who will help you get started. If you are in regular contact with the students, you will need to get a criminal reference check (free of charge for volunteers) and attend a plan to protect seminar hosted at the school. Being a volunteer at SSCS is a great way to learn about and support your school.

How You Can Be Involved

Pray for the school

Class room help

Make a hot lunch

Driver for field trips

Be a part of the Fundraising committee

Be a part of the Maintenance committee

Be a part of the Finance team

Team sports coach or helper

Media help

Cleaning help

Donating items for the school

Office help

Cash Out

The Cash out Option is an alternative way that you as a family can still help at SSCS if you find that your volunteer time at fundraising events is limited. Please note that volunteer time in and around the school would still be needed. The cash amount fluctuates each year depending on the proposed expenses for the school year.

The current “Cash out Option” is $1,500

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