As a private independent school, South Shore Christian School does not receive any government funding. This means that there is a cost involved in sending your children to SSCS. While this may seem daunting at first, we know that it is an excellent investment in your child’s future. We provide discounts to newly enrolled JK and SK students, discounts for tuition paid in full, discounts for full-time Pastors and we are able to provide a charitable receipt for a portion of the tuition paid. We realize that the tuition costs can be stretching for some families. This is why at SSCS, we offer a Tuition Assistance Program Fund for those who need financial aid. Contact South Shore Christian School to sit down with our welcoming team in order to figure out a tuition payment plan that fits your family.

We are pleased to offer a Tuition Bursary Program for qualified families. We understand the financial constraints a family can have, so we are pleased to be able to implement a program where families can apply to have their tuition reduced.

The Process is Simple:

  1. Obtain a Tuition Bursary application form by contacting the  office at 519-819-2202.
  2. Return the completed application form to the school principal in a sealed envelope. If you need any assistance in filling out the form, please contact the school principal at 519-819-2202.
  3. A Third party committee will review the application.
  4. You will be contacted.

Confidentiality will be maintained concerning this application and all information contained therein.

Tuition Policy and Fees

The cost of providing Christ-centred education at South Shore Christian School is funded both by parents of children enrolled in the school as well as the non-parent supporting community. Enrollment at SSCS is not based on a fee-for-service rendered basis because the value of Christian education is immeasurable in financial terms, and the viability of the school depends on much more than the financial contributions of parents – for example the efforts of unpaid volunteers, and significant assets such as the land and building provided by churches and previous supporters.

Tuition is evaluated and set yearly by SSCS Board of Directors. Our tuition rates are competitive and lower than most independent schools in Southwestern Ontario. For tuition rates, please contact the school at 519-819-2202 or email us.

The revenue derived from tuition does not cover the total cost of providing a high quality Christian education. donations and fundraising help reduce the cost borne by parents. All families are encouraged to participate in fund-raising projects and the volunteer effort that is required to operate the school. Everyone is encouraged to promote the school at every opportunity, and to continue to support the school after their children have graduated, so that others may benefit in the same way.

Tax Credit

South Shore Christian School is recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as a registered charity. In most cases, a portion of the tuition will be deemed a charitable donation for income tax purposes. Official income tax receipts will be issued in February based on a calendar year on eligible amounts. Note that once receipted, contributions cannot be refunded. This includes advance tuition paid by a family that withdraws from the school.

Refund Policy

Once a family has registered they are obligated to provide a minimum of three months’ notice of intention to withdraw from the school, which is not refundable. No refund will be given after February 1 of the current school year if a family decides to withdraw from that date on. If you decide to withdraw your child(ren) at any point in the school year an administration fee of $200 will apply.

NSF Policy

Cheques not honoured at the bank or failure to follow payment schedule will be assessed an administration fee of $30 per month until the situation is resolved. The Finance committee will consider individual financial circumstances and may waive such fees at its discretion. Families experiencing financial difficulties are encouraged to contact a Board Member to confidentially discuss their situation. It is our prayer that the burden of the cost of Christian education will be borne by all, in proportion to the means each has been blessed with.

Cash Out Option

The Cash out Option is an alternative way that you as a family can still help at SSCS if you find that your volunteer time at fundraising events is limited. Please note that volunteer time in and around the school would still be needed. The cash amount fluctuates each year depending on the proposed expenses for the school year.

The current school year “Cash out Option” is $1,500

Other Fees

Sports Competition Fee

SSCS competes with local private schools and homeschooling organizations in the Windsor-Essex –Chatham area. If your child makes the team, the fee to participate in each tournament is $15. This fee covers the cost of the tournament as well as some sporting equipment and uniforms as needed.

Year Book Fee

At SSCS you have the opportunity to order a yearbook for the students, to remember their days at SSCS. If you would like to order one you need to check off that option and include it in your payment. The yearbooks have a cost of $25.

Registration Fee

The cost of registration is $200 per family. This fee is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable. As long as children are continuously enrolled at SSCS, registration fee is not required.

Re-Enrollment Fee

There is a $300 enrollment fee that applies to Returning Families who enroll after the enrollment deadline of April 30.

Cleaning Fee

There is a yearly $200 cleaning fee for each family. This fee is to help cover the cost of hiring a full time janitor.

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