Mission and Vision of South Shore Christian School


Our mission is to provide an excellent learning environment that honours God and provides opportunities for children to: develop and openly practice their faith and to feel free to be excited about being Christian children.


We envision a supportive learning environment that will foster a strong Christian faith and will help students grow up understanding the Bible and its applications to daily life.

We envision a school that will help shape students’ character by encouraging them to become more Christ-like in their attitudes and their actions.

We envision a school that will make an impact in our community by becoming involved in meeting various needs through acts of Christian service.

We envision a school that will provide a high level of academic standards which will fully prepare them for high school.

The South Shore Difference

Teachers who are committed Christ-Followers, chapel time, teaching from a Christian perspective as well as meeting Ontario curriculum guidelines.

Supportive Learning Environment
Impact in Our Community
Encouraging Christ-Like Attitudes
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