Why Choose A Christian School?

1. It places the Lord Jesus Christ at the center of a child’s education.

2. It upholds the truth and authority of the Word of God.

3. It provides strong support to the teaching and values of a Christian home.

4. It gives students a Christian frame of reference for the issues they will face in their personal lives and in the world.

5. It gives children an opportunity to know and experience the love of Christ, and to be strengthened and equipped to serve

6. It teaches and models: hard work, self-discipline, integrity, fairness, self respect and respect for others, unselfishness, compassion, gentleness, service, faith and obedience.

7. It helps to establish friendships with other individuals and families who love and serve the Lord.

8. It helps to ensure that our society will continue to have Christian leadership in the future – in homes, in business, in education and in Canada at large.

** For more information about why you should choose a Christian school check out:

South Shore Christan School Bible Based Curriculum


The South Shore Difference

Teachers who are committed Christ-Followers, chapel time, teaching from a Christian perspective as well as meeting Ontario curriculum guidelines.

Supportive Learning Environment
Impact in Our Community
Encouraging Christ-Like Attitudes
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